Become a Freelancer

As an Independent Contractor, you choose the days per week and hours of the day you work, from any country in the world! We provide an online scheduling tool, which makes it easy to share your availability and for us to offer assignments to you. We are excited for your interest in becoming an independent contractor with our team. 

Focus Forward Transcription

How much can I earn?

Earnings will depend upon many factors. These include how many hours you transcriber per week, your personal productivity & the types of files that you choose to transcribe. A typical freelancer who works casually earns under $100 per week and a serious freelancer over $300 per week.  

How much do I need to freelance?

You create your own schedule and determine how much or how little you would like to freelance. You can also take breaks as often as you like. 

How often do I get paid & how?

 Freelancers are paid through PayPal & Payoneer on the 15th and the last day of a month.