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You have a choice when it comes to your transcription solutions.
From Enhanced to First Pass, decide on the right customization, format and accuracy level that meets your need.
We have a full range of audio to text solutions that fit your budget and timeline.

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Edited Summarized Transcript

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A concise document, focusing on the respondents’ speech. The moderator’s portion of the interview is edited and summarized, while the respondents’ speech is word for word, omitting only the non-verbal utterances, filler words and extraneous content. Lower cost and high value, transcribe word for word only the parts of the interview that you really need for your project.

Professional Transcript

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Publishable quality and a perfect fit for our corporate clients, Professional Transcription is the highest level of accuracy available. Transcripts are a word for word account of the speech in the audio file. Utterances are omitted as the standard but can be added on if that better supports the goals of the client. Professional transcription is triple proofed for complete accuracy and will be the best possible account of your audio that can be achieved by our team.

Enhanced Transcript

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Quickly get to the heart of the research with thoughtful insights. Experience keywords through sound, sight and text while observing repeating themes. Audio or video linked to keywords highlights the relevant concepts that drive insights. Enhanced transcription is supporting the researcher, from idea to action.

Production Logging Transcript

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Whether your footage is an interview, walk & talk, an as-broadcast script, or any other type, our team is experienced in delivering the right format for your needs. Providing 30 second time stamps as our standard, our format makes it easy to pull clips and quotes.

Notes Transcript

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Our most clear and succinct form, targeted at providing a summarized account of the session. This format is not verbatim, but rather, captures the main points of the audio. This format offers an excellent alternative to verbatim transcripts, as well as in person note takers, where direct quotes are not required as part of your research.

Excel Smart

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View your voice to text in a new way. Analyze your data in one simple document. Available as a master capture sheet collating all your files into a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet makes this format ideal for one on one interviews. Discussion guide questions are recorded in columns, while respondent responses are transcribed in rows. This is available in verbatim, edited summarized or notes format.

Industries We Service

Medical Transcription

Since 2003, we have supplied medical transcripts containing heavy medical and pharmaceutical terminology to satisfied clients. We house a staff of over 400 US-based transcribers to transcribe your interviews or focus groups of doctor, patient, caregivers, or hospitalists with accuracy and level of detail needed for your topic.

Audio Transcription

Our project management team is well versed in audio files, boosting audio and reducing background noise on files to ensure the best quality audio from your file.

Legal Transcription

Focus Forward legal transcription service provides accurate, cost effective transcripts for mock juries, wire taps, depositions and court tapes.

Academic Transcription

Focus Forward provides fast, cost effective transcripts for lectures, podcasts, flip/inverted teaching, interviews, and group discussions.

Podcast Transcription

Podcast transcription takes your audio and turns it into text enabling you to reach more users with your podcast content by performing in web searches with text.

Market Research Transcription

From interview transcription to focus group transcription, Focus Forward’s team are experts in market research transcription. Formats like Edited Summarized and Excel Smart Transcripts are designed specifically for researchers, providing easy to analyze transcripts for your next presentation or report.

Business Transcription

Focus Forward makes your business transcription simple. From meetings to conference calls to seminars and training sessions, we pair the best transcriber with each file. Our transcripts can be white labeled with your company logo and can provide identification of speakers, as requested.

Video Transcription

From YouTube links, video files, to DVDs and VHS tapes, we have your video transcription needs covered.

Production Transcription

Allow the team at Focus Forward to seamlessly expedite your production transcription. Whether your footage is an interview, walk & talk, an as-broadcast script, or any other type, our team is experienced in delivering the right format for your needs.

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